Commercial Safety Floor Tile

Commercial Safety Floor Tile

Transit stations, schools, shops and other large facilities need hard-wearing tile that is economical and environmentally friendly.

Dorset Wooliscroft is our division devoted to this specialised tile. 


Our Dorset Wooliscroft tiles are 100% recyclable, free from VOCs and contain no notifiable substances. This makes them ideal for projects striving for a high BREEAM Rating.  Being fully vitrified (low water and chemical absorption rates), strong cleaning chemicals (which may be harmful to the environment) become unnecessary. 


Well-selected tiles can not only help reduce the risks of accidents,  but will also have a longer lifespan than comparable flooring solutions with associated reductions in maintenance and cleaning costs.

FLAT: Smooth matt finish


LUNA: Stone-effect textured finish


PINHEAD: High-volume pimpled finish


MULTIDISC: Softly contoured spot finish


TETRA: Polygon structured finish


GRITSTONE AGGREGATE: Heavy duty gritted finish


PEBBLED AGGREGATE: Heavy duty stone-effect finish


ELITE: Extra heavy duty matt finish


TACTILE CORDUROY: High-profile tactile finish


TACTILE BLISTER: High-profile tactile finish


Key Services

  • Design advice backed by decades of experience
  • Technical support ensuring successful tile installation
  • Access to a vast array of tile & tiling products
  • Bespoke 3D rendering & design services
  • Professional support team covering the UK 

Creating Together

The Contracts Team brings hundreds of new projects to life every year. Come to Original Style with your concept, however detailed or preliminary, and we can use our vast experience to help you create the perfect tile solution. 

Learn more at our Commercial Safefy Floor Tile division,

or just contact us and we'll discuss your options. 

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