Tile of the Year 2019, Midnight Blue!

Tile of the Year 2019, Midnight Blue!

Following on from last year’s successful Tile of the Year campaign with ‘Heath’ from The Winchester Tile Company, Original Style is excited to announce the dramatic Midnight Blue as 2019's must-have tile.


Why Midnight Blue?

Reflecting movements in interior design trends, Midnight Blue encourages the embrace of darkness. Its deep, rich colour tones provide a sense of indulgence and when paired with warm earthy tones, feelings of serenity and calm create a sophisticated sanctuary.

In addition to its stunning colour variations, this tile stands out due to its larger than life format. Measuring at 1200 x 600mm the metallic-inspired wall tile will add dramatic dimension to any space, providing impact and wow factor.

The ethereal textures of Midnight Blue are simply encapsulating. With desires to become more connected with spaces that surround us, the strong deep hues of Midnight Blue allow you to become fully immersed in tranquillity and luxury – and, who doesn’t want that?

Styling Midnight Blue

Wonderfully versatile, the size and drama of Midnight Blue offers the opportunity to introduce feature pieces in non-traditional tile settings. When teamed with rustic brick, such as Original Style’s Antico Casale Fumo, warm lighting, and an eclectic mix of contemporary and nomadic inspired decor; the combination creates an earthy, industrial living space.

For those who would love to incorporate Midnight Blue into their bathroom setting, pair with gorgeous brass taps, natural greenery or an on-trend Crittall-style screen for a style which radiates luxury.

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