Tile of the Year 2023

Tile of the Year 2023

Bold botanical palm leaves, gorgeous green tones and our signature glossy tile glaze
– Paradis Mere is our Tile of the Year for 2023!

Small in format but bold in design, Paradis Mere has four faces. Each face showcases more of the pattern, offering a varied abundance of tropical leaves. Inspired by gorgeous botanical gardens and the summer palms found in the English Riviera,
Paradis Mere was a natural choice for our Tile of the Year 2023.

Paradis Mere has been designed and developed in our Design Studio in Devon and is manufactured in Exeter by our skilled and passionate production team. Using some of the most authentic manufacturing processes and glaze recipes, this tile is truly unique. Each tile is hand-crafted by skilled artisans using the longstanding screen printing method which, together with its reactive inks, means each kiln produces a different effect, so no two tiles are the same. Read our blog to discover more about our Paradis Mere.


Paradis Mere is a versatile product, create a range of different looks with this tile – whatever your style! For a rustic kitchen look, mix up the faces, using Mere or the coordinating plain tile Cotton from our Winchester collection, to break the pattern up and add a pop of colour.



Tile of the year through the years

We have been nominating a Tile of the Year for the last six years, choosing exclusive tiles like Paradis Mere, that are truly unique and set to influence upcoming trends. We are the first business in the tile industry to do so, and we are proud of our choices throughout the years. Our Tile of the Year is available through a network of carefully selected retailers, please head over to our find a retailer page and find a showroom near you.

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