Victorian Floor Tile Excellence - Watch our video here

Victorian Floor Tile Excellence - Watch our video here

We’re proud to offer a vast range of beautiful tiles and while we adore all our collections, our heritage Victorian Floor Tile collection is one of our most cherished.


Our collection began in 1990 but Victorian geometric floor tiles have been used in interiors for well over a century and are still just as popular today. Whilst interest in these tiles soar, we understand that many people still may not be aware of the benefits and enduring quality that Victorian Floor Tiles have to offer. That’s why we’ve created this inspiring video to showcase the beauty, history and expertise of our collection and how Victorian Floor Tiles can completely transform a space.

Our video focuses on the quality, style and authenticity of our Victorian Floor Tile range and also touches on installation by demonstrating the intricate nature of geometric tiling and how using individual pieces allows for more precise fitting to create an authentic, quality finish which will last for generations to come.

So if you’re thinking of installing Victorian Floor tiles in your home or just want to find out more about our iconic range - this video is perfect for you! So sit back relax and enjoy.




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