Tiles for every room in your home

Tiles for every room in your home

Tiles are a natural choice for kitchens and bathrooms, their hardwearing and durable qualities make them ideal for daily traffic, spills and easy maintenance. Whilst kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly logical places to use tiles, developments in design and materials mean there’s now even more choice in tiles that are suitable to use throughout the entire home!



Stone and wood-effect tiles have developed significantly over the last decade and it’s near impossible to tell them from the real thing. You might wonder why you would use wood effect tiles rather than real wood, and the answer is simple: porcelain tiles look just as gorgeous as genuine wood but are far more practical and hard wearing! Porcelain is also straightforward to install, it can be tricky to install real wood due to concerns such as scratching or water damage. 


Natural Stone is a great investment for any room in your home and if you look after your tiles, they will repay your care and continue to look fantastic for many years. Terracotta is making a big comeback in interiors and looks beautiful in living rooms, hallways and conservatories as their tones of red, yellow and gold add a warm and homely feel to a room. For something less rustic try a straight edged polished stone like Viano White or Black, these gorgeous polished marble tiles have all the beautiful hues of natural stone, but with consistency that makes the overall look far more refined.


Patterned Tiles

For something a little different or to make a statement, consider using patterned tiles. Tiles from our Odyssey collection are easy to fall in love with, Epoque Rose shown below makes for a beautiful lounge floor but if you’re unsure about covering an expanse for space why not use your favourite design to create a rug effect? Tile a section of the floor with a statement pattern and use border tiles to frame the area, this is an excellent way of creating interest without committing to covering an entire floor. 

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles don’t have to be restricted to kitchens and bathrooms either and are great for hallways as they are easy to clean and hard wearing. Team together Victorian Floor tiles with wall tiles from our Artworks collection for a traditional look, properly installed tiles last and last, so you’re guaranteed a warm welcome for many years to come.
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