The Design Sheppard - Original Style Factory Tour

The Design Sheppard - Original Style Factory Tour

We had the pleasure of welcoming Stacey Sheppard, the author of the award-winning blog ‘The Design Sheppard’, to our Exeter head office and production site last month!


Our team provided a grand tour of our production facilities and Stacey had the opportunity to get stuck in with screen printing and hand-painting her very own tiles! Stacey very kindly documented her visit in a blog post which you can read here.

For those of you who enjoy following interior trends, The Design Sheppard is a must-read blog. Established in 2009, The Design Sheppard aims to showcase current design trends, innovative and inspirational design for residential interiors and design-led products for the home. With an impressive 17.5k average monthly page views and 12k average monthly unique users, Stacey has successfully built a go-to hub for interior knowledge and we’re so thrilled Stacey enjoyed her time at Original Style.

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