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  1. First look inside our new Original Style Tile Showroom in Durham!

    First look inside our new Original Style Tile Showroom in Durham! Find a wide range of beautiful tile options for your next home project at your new Tile Showroom in Durham! Home-owners across the North East can find a world of interior inspiration our newest Tile Showroom in Durham! Our latest showroom has exactly what you need to transform your house into your dream home and make it a place you're excited to show off to friends and family!   The new Tile Showroom can be found St Andrews Park, Dragonville. The new store offers a beautiful and high-quality portfolio of tiles - for all budgets. There you will find stunning tile options for every room of your home. Each of our Showrooms including the brand new Durham store, seeks to take you on an inspirational tile journey. You can explore a variety of kitchen and bathroom settings, hallway ideas and even outdoor tile options. Each of our tile ranges is displayed across the showroom; Explore the heritage Artworks range which features glazed wall tiles in rich, classic tones and decorative patterns and mouldings. Browse our wide selection of contemporary large-format tiles. From stone and wood-effect tiles to hexagon shapes and jewel toned options. Discover our extensive collection of Victorian Floor Tiles. These geometric tiles create a whole host of patterns, our new Durham showroom has a dedicated Victorian Floor Tile display area so you can find the perfect style! Take a look at the popular Winchester range which features muted, gentle glazes, rustic finishes and coordinating mouldings – there’s also patterned, hand-painted tile options available View a range of mosaic tile options in kitchen and bathroom settings as well as across the colour wall, allowing you to view plenty of swatches to pair with your chosen tiles. Be inspired by modern kitchen and bathroom settings, welcoming hallway ideas and outdoor schemes. Our showrooms are a hub of interior inspiration, whether you’re at the start of your project looking for ideas, or you’re ready to choose your ties, our expert team are on hand to help!   Read more...
  2. Pantone colour of the year - Ultra Violet

    Pantone colour of the year - Ultra Violet Many people are probably thinking about festive panettone at this time of year, rather than the Pantone colour of the year, but not us! We’re still obsessing over the new colour of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet, a beautiful soft but still punchy purple, a similar colour in fact, to our tile of the year Heath!   Pantone have been forecasting colour trends for years, selecting a colour of the year since 2000: ‘The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service within Pantone that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product development, for the application and integration of color as a strategic asset. Recognized around the world as a leading source of color information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom color development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity, Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology and emotion of color in their design strategy.’ Read more about the Pantone Colour Institute here. Our tile of the year Heath is a softer shade of purple with a grey hue, but for the ultra violet trend we do have a plenty of purple shades to choose from. Check out some ideas below: If that’s not enough purple for you take a look at our Pinterest pages for more Read more...
  3. How a house was reborn into a home for a growing family

    How a house was reborn into a home for a growing family Bob Duffield and his family now live in this beautiful 19th century villa-style house – here’s his story of how they uncovered its best features and created a perfect home for them all.   Q. Please tell us a little bit about you and your family, where you live and how long you’ve lived in your house. A. We moved to Cheltenham in the summer of 2013.  We rented a modern duplex apartment and Frankie our son was born in June 2014.  We always had an eye out for a place to buy but we took our time until we found the right place.  This turned out to be Paxton Lodge – a Grade II, four-bed Regency town house, with a separate basement flat.  Amazingly it was only 300m from the apartment. We moved in March 2016. Q. What is the style of your house and what attracted you to buy it? A. It was built in 1836. It is a sublime design. High ceilings. Beautiful windows. And a small but perfect walled garden for the kids. Q. Was it a major refurbishment project? A. Definitely.  It has been a big investment both in time and money, but worth it to bring the house up into the top bracket for houses in this area of Cheltenham. We had to bring the house kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  There were many species of carpet and curtain that had to go. We have installed shutters throughout. The garden had a cute Japanese-style pond, but it was way beyond its best and presented a serious drowning risk for small kids.  It has been removed. The house needed substantial refurbishment. This included; bringing the basement flat back into the main house as our main kitchen and dining area, the galley kitchen on the ground floor has been transformed into a play room, on the first floor we swapped a bedroom for the main bathroom and vice versa, finally the main bathroom and two en suite bathrooms were stripped out, refitted and retiled. This house is so beautifully designed that we knew our efforts would be rewarded Q. How important were the tiles and how/where did you source them? A. Tiles were key to our design thinking. We found Original Style online and then visited a local showroom. Q. Where did you find your inspiration for the various rooms? A. It's hard to make clear decisions as the choice is almost infinite. But we found the Original Style brochures very helpful.  Q. What made you decide on the particular styles and the tiles you used in each room? The palette for the whole house is white plus greys and blues.  Less is definitely more and we decided to use the same choice of tiles in all the bathrooms. I'm really glad we did. The choice of tiles has brought a sense of continuity to the whole house. They have turned out to be a major feature. Q. Did you have any major challenges along the way? A. Yes - Maud, Frankie and I lived in the basement for months! Maud was pregnant with Albie. We had hoped the work would be finished before he arrived early March 2017. It was not. But it is now. Q. What advice would you give to other people who want to create tiled focal points in their homes? A. Get the Original Style brochures – they are colourful and informative. Then visit your local store where you’ll get a good sense of how they look in real life. Q. How long did the project take? A. A whole pregnancy and a bit.  But as a result our house has been reborn. It was worth the wait Read more...

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