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  1. A period home with a glamourous, eclectic twist

    A period home with a glamourous, eclectic twist We love seeing customer projects come to life, whether it’s a modern kitchen or bathroom, a heritage hallway or a beautiful patio! When we discovered @casaoldcorn on Instagram and saw the most beautiful hallway featuring our Victorian Floor Tiles, we were delighted to work with Lauren and Mark on an exciting fireplace makeover.   Lauren’s Instagram account @casaoldcorn showcases the renovation of her beautiful family home, from her eclectic styling and design to makeover projects and interior ideas. We caught up with Lauren to find out more about how tiles can totally transform a space. Original Style: Can you tell us a little bit about your beautiful home? Lauren: We live in the north east of England and have lived in our home for around five years. Our home is Edwardian and was built in the early 1900s, our first home was a new build but we really love all the character and features you get in a period property.  Original Style: What were your primary goals when it came to updating your home, especially the living area and fireplace? Lauren: Our primary goals when decorating are always to make it more cosy and interesting. With the fireplace we could see its full potential and wanted to make it into more of a feature in the room. We knew the fireplace would look great painted a colour so we opted for a deep blue and we adore Original Style tiles, tiling the fireplace hearth has created so much more impact. We opted for Victorian Floor tiles in a bespoke pattern using pops of pastel colours - it looks amazing!  Original Style: Where did you find the inspiration for your hallway and living room? Lauren: Lots of our inspiration comes from other homes on Instagram. We love bold patterns and colours and have lots of quirky items that are conversation starters throughout our home. We love traditional prints and colours but with a twist. As soon as we moved in we knew tiles would look so much better in the hall than the dark wood floors which were installed beforehand. We had seen others hallways and could see the potential in ours.  Once we had decided on tiles for both the hallway and hearth we went on the hunt for the perfect ones. We found Original Style Victorian Floor tiles and loved all the different patterns and the quality looked great. The Original Style team where so helpful at helping me choose a pattern and colours for the hearth and sending me images to help me pick, they were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble. Original Style: Why did you choose this particular Victorian Floor Tile pattern, border and colourway for your fireplace?  Lauren: We went with the monochrome checkerboard tiles for our hallway as we think they’re stunning and timeless. We know for as-long as we live here they will never age and any decor will easily go with them. We decided to go for a detailed Victorian Floor Tile pattern for our hearth as it’s really traditional but with a little twist which we love. The pastel centres really bring it all to life.  Original Style: How important would you say it is to use a professional tiler? Lauren: We were on the hunt for a good tiler for the job and we found a really good local man to lay them. He was great and took the time and had the skills needed for the job. I think it’s really important to use an experienced tiler as the patterns are complex, with a number of pieces - it’s definitely an art and a job we couldn’t tackle ourselves. Original Style: What would you say to someone looking to incorporate tiled focal points in their home? Lauren: If you’re looking to incorporate tiles into your home, I would say go for it! They add so much character and they’re beautiful. It’s so special adding original features back into a period home. Walking into our home with our beautiful floor brings us so much joy.  Browse the full Victorian Floor Tile range here or check out our brochure for pattern ideas, more real life installations and tips on selecting a border and colourways.   Read more...
  2. Interior Trends 2023 | Check out this year's style ideas

    Interior Trends 2023 | Check out this year's style ideas We’re passionate about keeping up to date with the latest interior trends, researching innovative styles and new products to forecast what will dominate the interiors scene during 2023. Our tile portfolio offers a wide range of designs, textures, finishes, colours and formats. We have an extensive range to ensure you’re choosing the most up-to-date styles for an interior that you’ll love for years to come. Our in-house designers, Jane Addis and Becca Keenan have done extensive research for 2023 interior trends, carefully selecting the following three key themes that are set to be everywhere throughout the upcoming year. This year we’ve focused on shining a light on timeless tiles from some of our most loved collections with enduring style and quality.   Surface The Surface trend is all about our tiles that we’ve sourced from around the world, highlighting in particular our carefully curated range of contemporary tiles. Think clean lines, mixed formats and unusual surfaces, this trend is great for those looking to achieve a modern yet glamourous finish. Incorporating texture into a scheme is a great way to add detail and interest, without committing to bold colours or patterns. This trend focuses on an eclectic mix of tiles, showcasing some of our most interesting formats and textured products that have been meticulously sourced by our expert teams. Creating a luxe look in your home can be easily achieved by pairing together certain design elements. ‘This trend seeks to bring deep tones, contrasting surface finishes and subtle textural detail together to create an elegant feel with rustic touches. We’ve styled black marble hexagons with distressed pink brick tiles, green and gold accents and natural textures to create a look embodying the Surface trend.’ Becca Keenan, New Products Designer.   Colour Glossy jewel-tones, rich reflections and impact, the Colour trend is all about our glazed tiles. Bolder colours have been slowly making their way to the forefront of design, with vivid ceramics becoming a popular choice for those looking to inject some colour into kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and throughout the home. When it comes to embracing the Colour trend with tiles, the options from our ranges are almost endless. Illustrating a radiant feel, this trend features a range of artisanal tiles that are glazed in our factory. Take a look at bright pink and blue wall tiles from our Winchester collection, the deep tones of green and red from the Artworks range, bold designs from both Odyssey and Living ranges and even heritage shades from our geometric Victorian Floor Tile collection. Manufacturing these tiles in-house allows us to create a vibrant and unique range of timeless colours options, so you can find the perfect shade for your interior. Our hand-mixed glazes have been carefully developed over the decades, with precise and perfected recipes. Each tile is fired in our beloved kilns at an exact temperature and time depending on the recipe and glaze. ‘Embrace the Colour trend with the bold shades of Vermillion, Teal or Straw from the Winchester collection. These vibrant wall tiles feature our signature glossy glaze, creating a luxurious yet lively feel. For a creative style statement choose a complementary yet detailed wallpaper, or a contrasting colour for the floor or even the ceiling. The combination of playful prints and bright colours will help you to achieve a fresh, unique finish in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways.’ Becca Keenan, New Products Designer.   Craft The Craft trend embraces our unique and celebrated manufacturing processes, featuring hand-crafted tiles from our most cherished collections. We've celebrated over 35 years as a leading tile manufacturer with our story beginning in the development of decorative tile sets for cast iron fireplaces. Today, we are renowned for our unrivalled tile glazes, exclusive designs and comprehensive tile options; many of which continue to be produced in Exeter, Devon. ‘The Craft trend celebrates our wide range of manufacturing methods. From screen-printing and hand-painting to casting, moulding, glazing and digital printing - everything we produce in our Devon factory is unique thanks to the experience and passion of the skilled crafts people, artists and designers who make up our team.’  Jane Addis, New Products & Design Manager. Our unique manufacturing story has allowed us to create a beautiful range of tiles. Our in-house creative team are at the forefront of ceramic techniques including hand-painted intricate florals, botanical details, raised fruits, screen-printed heritage designs, larger format decoratives and glaze development. These wonderful tiles include timeless delft drawings and Art-Deco designs all the way through to contemporary prints and patterns that have been designed by our specialist teams and printed on our state-of-the-art digital printer.  ‘To achieve this look style our checkerboard effect Harlequin tiles from the Odyssey Grande collection with softly glazed Mere field tiles from the Winchester Cosmopolitan collection. Together these tiles create the basis for a rustic yet timeless kitchen or bathroom space.’ Becca Keenan, New Products Designer.   Read more...
  3. Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles

    Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles The hallway is the first room you and your guests see when entering your home, so it’s worth investing in the design to make a great first impression. This room can sometimes be overlooked as one of the less frequently used rooms in the home. But opting for hard-wearing yet beautiful geometric floor tiles is a great way to add character as well as practicality. Victorian Floor tiles are renowned for decorating the floors of period properties. From simple chequerboard pathways to detailed porches and entryways, this style of geometric tiling has never gone out of style. Our Victorian Floor tile patterns are made up of individual pieces such as squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons in many sizes and colours. This allows for the creation of lots of pattern options like the classic octagon-dot and more complex layouts, that incorporate a number of pieces. It also helps for those working with older properties where walls and floors may be a little uneven, the small, individual tiles allow for greater flexibility on installation and can be cut to fit tricky spaces. Our Victorian Floor Tile collection is produced using similar production techniques to their original counterparts, which adds to their authentic charm and means they will last for generations to come. To create something truly unique, explore our range of decorative drop in tiles to really set off the look. If you have a dark hallway, it might be worth leaning into a more atmospheric style with dark walls and a contrasting floor. A really important part of selecting your Victorian Floor Tiles is taking some time to look and feel samples. You can create your own mood-boards, play around with shapes and colourways and start to think about which pattern you will go for. Choose from a variety of colours including traditional Buff and Red, classic Black and White, contemporary greys and even pastel tones. These colours are designed to work together and complement each other in order to create a range of pattern options. Whatever your taste, Victorian Floor Tiles can act as the foundation to build upon. While some designs may be seen as complex and bold, the designs can be paired with a variety of schemes. To really express your style go for bold wallpaper, complementary paint colours and playful accessories and create a gorgeous, eclectic space as pictured above. Or, if you prefer neutral interiors, pare back a bold pattern with light walls and fresh lighting. …So if you’re thinking of installing Victorian Floor tiles in your home or just want to find out more about our iconic range, take a look at our brochure and find your nearest retailer here Read more...

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