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  1. Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles

    Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles The hallway is the first room you and your guests see when entering your home, so it’s worth investing in the design to make a great first impression. This room can sometimes be overlooked as one of the less frequently used rooms in the home. But opting for hard-wearing yet beautiful geometric floor tiles is a great way to add character as well as practicality. Victorian Floor tiles are renowned for decorating the floors of period properties. From simple chequerboard pathways to detailed porches and entryways, this style of geometric tiling has never gone out of style. Our Victorian Floor tile patterns are made up of individual pieces such as squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons in many sizes and colours. This allows for the creation of lots of pattern options like the classic octagon-dot and more complex layouts, that incorporate a number of pieces. It also helps for those working with older properties where walls and floors may be a little uneven, the small, individual tiles allow for greater flexibility on installation and can be cut to fit tricky spaces. Our Victorian Floor Tile collection is produced using similar production techniques to their original counterparts, which adds to their authentic charm and means they will last for generations to come. To create something truly unique, explore our range of decorative drop in tiles to really set off the look. If you have a dark hallway, it might be worth leaning into a more atmospheric style with dark walls and a contrasting floor. A really important part of selecting your Victorian Floor Tiles is taking some time to look and feel samples. You can create your own mood-boards, play around with shapes and colourways and start to think about which pattern you will go for. Choose from a variety of colours including traditional Buff and Red, classic Black and White, contemporary greys and even pastel tones. These colours are designed to work together and complement each other in order to create a range of pattern options. Whatever your taste, Victorian Floor Tiles can act as the foundation to build upon. While some designs may be seen as complex and bold, the designs can be paired with a variety of schemes. To really express your style go for bold wallpaper, complementary paint colours and playful accessories and create a gorgeous, eclectic space as pictured above. Or, if you prefer neutral interiors, pare back a bold pattern with light walls and fresh lighting. …So if you’re thinking of installing Victorian Floor tiles in your home or just want to find out more about our iconic range, take a look at our brochure and find your nearest retailer here Read more...
  2. The Path to Perfection

    The Path to Perfection Nothing says “welcome to our house” quite like a beautiful, inviting front path. That’s why we were thrilled to work with 2LG Studio on their front garden transformation, which featured products from two of our most cherished collections – Victorian Floor Tiles and Artworks.   A Victorian Floor Tile pathway can completely transform a home, adding kerb appeal and value to a property.  And, with the emergence of the ‘New Heritage’ trend, you don’t have to live in a Victorian or Edwardian home to embrace traditional tiling. Mixing the old with the new and putting a modern twist on a classic is what this trend is all about and what better way to encapsulate on this style than through incorporating Victorian Floor Tiles into a contemporary setting. “How?” you may ask - well, these tiles work beautifully in modern porches, pathways as well as hallways and by opting for a classic colour palette such as monochrome or beige and nudes, these tiles will never look out of place.   Jordan and Russell - the London-based design duo from 2LG Studio – decided on an original approach featuring modern greys for the front path and deep, dark blue Artworks tiles on their porch walls. While remaining inspired by Victorian features, they created a pathway with a cool and modern, almost urban vibe, but kept it true to its origins. They also used our traditional mouldings on the walls, which look fantastic against their gorgeous, playful, pink front door. Through combining modern styling with the traditional, they’ve created a stand-out entrance that turns heads and encourages a smile from passers-by.   2LG’s front garden project showcases that the attractiveness of a property is not based solely on its interior. The surrounding space is equally important - especially when looking to sell. Making a good first impression starts outside, as the front path and entrance are the first things a potential buyer will see. It is also an area that is constantly exposed to guests, neighbours, and…you, the homeowner, on a daily basis – so, why not make the effort to make it look grand?! “We think of the pathway as a visitor’s journey into our world. It starts right then and there, before they enter the house, and we wanted to make that journey enjoyable.” Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio. “We were looking for a solution which would elevate the property’s heritage and period features, but would also stand the test of time both in terms of durability and looks. Original Style’s heritage collections – Victorian Floor Tiles and wall tiles from the Artworks range – were the perfect answer to our long list of demands, including high quality and being able to create a bespoke design.” No matter whether your property has a small, medium or large approach, there are ways to make the front path and porch stand out. The easiest and most practical option is to use tiles that are not only stunning, but also work well outdoors. If your goal is to recreate a Victorian pattern as a nod to the home’s history, opt for a classic colour combo, using black, buff and red. Original Style’s Victorian Floor Tiles are the real deal – they come in traditional colourways and a variety of patterns, making it possible to achieve any period look and restore the tiled area to its former glory. Pair these with traditional glazes from the Artworks range and you’ll end up with a scheme that’s elegant and timeless. To read more about 2LG Studio's front garden renovation, head to their journal. If you're interested in our Victorian Floor Tile collection, please contact your nearest Original Style retailer Read more...
  3. Update your home for spring with tiles!

    Update your home for spring with tiles! With the days finally getting lighter, longer and warmer, spring is a great time to start home improvements. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or garden, here are a few ideas on updating your home this spring.   Gardens Naturally we start spending a lot more time in our gardens during spring and investing in some beautiful tiles is a great way to add colour and style. Whether it’s your front garden or back garden, tiles can make a huge impact. Here are a few examples:     Both our Victorian Floor tiles and Odyssey collections offer a variety of patterned tiles that can be used in both inside and outside areas. For something more subtle try Krea from the Tileworks collection, a wood-effect plank which can easily bring the outside in and create a seamless transition between your home and its surroundings.   Kitchens If you’re looking for a fresh update in your kitchen but not a complete overhaul, try working with what you already have. Painting cabinets and updating door handles is a great and cost effective way to refresh your kitchen. Updating your tiles or splashback alongside this will help to totally transform the space. Here are some ideas:   Bathrooms Bathrooms can be costly to change in terms of design and layout, but updating even a panel of tiles in the room can help transform the space. Whether it’s a strip of Mosaics or a full wall, refreshing the tiles can give you that brand new bathroom feeling!     Whichever room you’re updating this spring, take the time to get inspired first, take a look at our Instagram and Pinterest pages for more interior design ideas Read more...
  4. Victorian Floor Tiles - Small Porch Tile Ideas

    Victorian Floor Tiles - Small Porch Tile Ideas Victorian Floor tiles are often associated with grandeur, restoration and luxury but the great thing about these tiles is that they work on both a large and small scale. Tom Harvey Original Style’s 3D designer gets asked lots of questions about Victorian Floor Tiles, especially from customers who want to add a touch of luxury to a small space in their home like porches, here are a few of his tips and ideas.   Keep it simple Opting for a simple pattern like an octogan dot or a checkerboard is ideal for small spaces. Complex patterns are sometimes too big to get a pattern repeat which can make the overall look appear busy and complicated.     Size Matters Whilst large format tiles have fewer grout lines and are brilliant for making spaces appear bigger on larger areas of walls and floors, using smaller tiles in a small area can help make the space feel bigger in comparison. Large tiles still look great but they might bring attention to the fact the area is small.   It’s in the detail To create a bit of interest in a simple pattern, experiment with some patterned drop-in tiles. Adding even the smallest detail can complement a pattern perfectly, the same goes for borders.   Contrast the colours Add contrasting colours to the surrounding areas especially in open spaces. If the area being tiled hasn’t got walls around it like a fire place surround or a step, contrasting the colours of the tiles helps add impact. This also works well with steps, as it means you’re less likely to trip.      Finishing Touches Adding a border is a beautiful finishing touch and there are plenty of variations to choose from. Infill is a great way to straighten up a pattern in a difficult space especially when dealing with tricky corners or wonky walls. It does mean though that there is less space for the pattern and border so make sure you consult your tiler and make sure that it is truly necessary when tiling a small place. If you need more information or would like to discuss how to create the effect you are after, we are happy to help no matter how small or large your project!  Why not pop into one of our showrooms or your local retailer. Both have the facility to use our design assistance service. We would love to help you design something that fits your house in terms of style and size Read more...
  5. Victorian floor tiles – a Swoon Worthy garden makeover

    Victorian floor tiles – a Swoon Worthy garden makeover Today we’re delighted to share with you a very special project that we’ve been working on. You may remember that we launched some additions to our Victorian Floor Tile collection, along with a gorgeous new brochure, at the beginning of the year.   Part of the re-design and the introduction of new colours was to simplify the whole process of Victorian style floor tiles. As many of the patterns are so beautifully intricate, it seemed that lots of homeowners felt intimidated or that they wouldn't be suitable for their non-Victorian home. We set about to prove this isn't the case. By introducing a new palette including several shades of grey and simpler patterns, we wanted to show that Victorian floor tiles can look as beautiful in black and white as a strongly traditional style. We also teamed up with blogger extraordinaire, Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy, to help her transform the exterior of her home. Victorian floor tiles are an incredibly popular choice for front paths, gardens and patios as this is where they were traditionally used. They also offer a beautiful design feature and low maintenance solution for many homes. Kimberly was the perfect choice for showing the versatility of Victorian tiles. Known for her colourful, maximalist style (which is anything but traditional!) we worked with Kimberly to come up with a pattern that suited her Edwardian property and that would look beautiful for years to come. Kimberly opted for a classic, intricate pattern which was updated by a monochrome palette that she preferred for this area, to ensure that it would stand the test of time. This just goes to show how a classic pattern can be made chic with the timeless combination of black and white. The result was nothing short of incredible - and proof that Victorian style tiles can be used in homes of all styles, whether you love Kimberly's bold 'boho glam' look or something altogether more classic. To read the full story, from start to finish, head over to Swoon Worthy Read more...
  6. Top tips for using Victorian floor tiles in porches, paths, gardens and halls

    Top tips for using Victorian floor tiles in porches, paths, gardens and halls Geometric Victorian style tiles are incredibly popular at the moment, with more and more people embracing traditional styles as much as simplistic monochrome versions. We've also noticed more and more homeowners updating traditional patterns in modern grey, black and white palettes.   Some people are a little daunted by Victorian tiles as they can be tricky to lay. The process requires lots of patience and forward planning as patterns are made up of individual tile pieces which have to be laid precisely, one by one. We always recommend using an experienced tiler to get the best result! One of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of incorporating the Victorian style into your home is to focus on a small area, such as a cloakroom, porch, hallway, front path, step or conservatory. Whilst it might seem counterintuitive, making a feature of a compact space can actually have as much impact as using on a large scale. Sprucing up a garden path at the front of your property will increase its kerb appeal, as well as giving visitors a warm welcome. The same can be said for hallways, which will make your home an inviting place to return to, not to mention the fact that ceramic tiles are incredibly hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain - crucial for those wet umbrellas and muddy boots. It's a common misconception that grand geometric tiles can't be used on a small scale, but lots of traditional patterns scale down beautifully to small areas. If you can't find anything you like, you could always create something entirely bespoke using individual tile pieces in a huge array of colours. To create something truly unique, you can use decorative drop in tiles as accents to really set off the look. These look great when used within an otherwise plain pattern, drawing the eye and demanding attention Read more...

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