One bathroom - four ways with tiles

One bathroom - four ways with tiles

It can be hard to picture your bathroom makeover, especially if the space is looking tired and in need of an update. If you want to make the most out of your space as well as transform your bathroom, then it’s a good idea to explore lots of different options, even ones you haven’t considered before…


We’ve taken the same bathroom and created four completely different looks using tiles, colour, fixtures and fittings, to help you consider a variety of design options. You might be surprised at which one you like most!

Black and White

Monochrome interiors are often associated with a classic feel but they are brilliant for creating a contemporary Scandinavian style too. Teaming together black and white with neutral finishes like wood, is a great way to soften the look, here we’ve used Tileworks wood-effect floor planks, which are made from porcelain, ideal for bathrooms.

On the walls are Daisy Satin field tiles with Jet Black Half tiles, both from the Artworks collection, using a dark grout between the square tiles in this grid layout helps to emphasise a linear and balanced element, in line with Scandinavian style. This look is simple and reinvents a classic black and white scheme and you can make the space your own with accessories, opt for neutral tones and textured fabrics to complete the room.


A Classic Update

This bathroom would work in every home and has that coveted luxurious feel, pairing crisp white tiles with classic mouldings adds elegance and you can still be creative with tile layouts. Here we’ve used brick tiles stack bonded on one another with smaller rectangles separating the grid. 

The flooring is a timeless octagon dot, which is wonderfully durable, yet still elegant. Choose any floral or bold wallpaper of your choice to create that indulgent feel.


Colour me happy

We’ve said before that the bathroom is a great area to commit to stronger colours and we still stand by that statement! Just look at these stunning deep blue metro wall tiles which contrast well with Odyssey patterned floor tiles, proof that using bold colours and patterns doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Combine any colours you feel comfortable with, the key is confidence, you can easily change and update accessories to reflect your favourite style.


Gorgeous in grey

It’s no surprise that grey interiors are still hugely popular, in this setting we’ve used Westminster grey half tiles with Morning Dew Mosaics. Mixing materials can really liven up a space and add a beautiful focal point. A great way to make a room feel larger is tiling from floor to ceiling, especially when using glossy tiles from the Artworks collection, which have a reflective glaze.

We’ve paired them together with wood-effect tiles from the Tileworks collection, embracing the grey theme throughout the room for a contemporary modern feel.

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