New Victorian Floor Tiles in three, beautiful pastel tones!

New Victorian Floor Tiles in three, beautiful pastel tones!

Our iconic Victorian Floor Tile collection is home to an array of colours, shapes and even decorated tiles that make up a wealth of beautiful patterns and this summer, we’re delighted to announce the addition of three brand new colours, Carnation Pink, Hawthorn Yellow and Spring Green!


While Victorian Floor Tiles are popular in authentic colourways such as Black, White and Red, recent years have seen a rise in more contemporary colours such as greys and neutrals which are perfect for creating a new heritage style. With this in mind we wanted to offer even more choice in colourways, so that you can create striking, stylish and truly timeless Victorian Floor Tile patterns in a range of fresh, new colours.

Launching new additions to our tile collections whilst our teams are working remotely is new to us, and you’ll notice that the imagery is different to our usual collections. Instead of photographing the new tiles in real life settings, we’ve created a series of inspirational flat-lay style mood-boards and sketches to showcase these stunning new colours! Our new pastel colourways open up a whole new world of design opportunities, they can be teamed with existing colours to create patterns that are as subtle or as bold as you like.


Carnation Pink and Hawthorn Yellow

We’ve sketched a simple Revival Grey and pink checkerboard pattern (left) in a porch setting, these two colours create a new dynamic but still have the timeless feel Victorian Floor Tiles are renowned for.

As shown on the right, this subtle pastel Yellow shade offers a fresh, modern twist on more traditional buffs and creams. We’ve sketched Hawthorn Yellow into our popular ‘Blenheim’ pattern and teamed with a modern Crittall style screen to create a contemporary style hallway and add some colour.


Spring Green

Greens have always been popular in interior styling and over the last few years, homeowners are opting for more mint, sage and pastel tones. Spring Green is the perfect choice for those looking for a softer shade of green, take a look how it works beautifully with whites and greys in the Oxford pattern.


The introduction of these new Victorian Floor Tile colours opens up a whole host of design possibilities and we can’t wait until we are back in our photography studio to create beautiful and inspiring images to help you visualise these tiles in your home. In the meantime, we hope these sketches and mood-boards will help to inspire your next project!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing lots of design idea’s and imagery across our blog inspiration pages and on over on Instagram and Pinterest too. To locate your nearest retailer, order samples or to discuss your upcoming project, you can contact us via - [email protected] or 01392 473000.


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