Embracing patterns – a round-up of our favourite tile designs

Embracing patterns – a round-up of our favourite tile designs

Patterned tiles have been around in interiors for decades and recent years have seen them make a comeback stronger than ever! From feature floors to stylish splashbacks, patterned tiles are perfect for those looking to add a little extra detail and character to a scheme.

With such an array of patterns available you might not be sure where to start. So here’s an overview of some of the many pattern styles that are available, as well as some inspiration, to help get you started…


Delicate details

Perhaps you want to include a touch of pattern into your scheme without committing too much to a full wall or floor? Try adding in more of a delicate or subtle pattern, this will add interest without too much of a statement look. To achieve this softer style team plain wall or floor tiles with a panel or section of patterned tiles, our Living collection is perfect for this look. Comprising of several smaller collections, The Living Collection offers a variety of patterned wall tiles with coordinating plain tiles. Here’s a few options:


Classic Patterns

When you think of patterned tiles you may immediately picture the traditional Victorian Floor Tile patterns found in many homes and buildings throughout the UK. These patterned floors really do stand the test of time and come in several colours and styles:


Opting for a classic Victorian Floor Tile pattern will ensure your space is timeless and stylish for years to come.


Muted Tones

We also have plenty of patterned tiles in muted tones, so that you can subtly incorporate pattern into your home to add some character. For walls and floors, take a look at our Mezzo collection, it offers nine patterns all in muted tones of blue and grey:


Bold and Beautiful

To make a statement, take a look at our Odyssey Primo and Grande collections. They both offer a number of bold patterns all inspired by journeys of discovery:



There’s been a real rise in the micro-pattern trend over the last few years. Up close, the small patterns are intricate and beautiful yet from afar, tiles appear plain or lightly textured. This helps to create a contemporary look with a bit more charm and detail. Our Nano collection is perfect for this and offers four ditsy style prints with an urban edge.



Mosaics have a long history and have adorned the walls and floors of many different interiors for years. Made up of smaller pieces to create a sheet of tiles, mosaics offer a naturally patterned effect in their format and are great for breaking up spaces to add interest:


Whichever patterned tiles you decide to choose, we’d love to know more and see pictures of your finished installation! You can share them with us on Instagram by tagging @originalstyleuk


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