Bigger is better – why large format tiles are a huge trend

Bigger is better – why large format tiles are a huge trend

One of the biggest interior design trends of late has been a move towards clean and contemporary interiors, often with an industrial edge.


Materials such as concrete or natural stone are remaining popular thanks to the rise of the 'architectural' look that can often be seen in hugely popular shows like Grand Designs, and it's now possible to fake this style with realistic tile replicas.

But why is it so popular and how can you recreate the look at home?

The key reason is that large format tiles offer a no-nonsense, sleek and unfussy aesthetic. This is largely due to the fact that using tiles of this size results in far fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish. It's a myth that large scale tiles shouldn't or can't be used in more compact rooms - in fact, these spaces are perfect for them. Using oversized tiles in a small area tricks the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger than it really is, so can help to create a sense of scale where it doesn't naturally exist. Not to mention the fact that few grout lines means easier cleaning!

Just make sure you hire a professional to install them, as more cuts will probably be required. It's also important to lay large format tiles onto a flat floor as their impressive scale makes them inflexible.

Porcelain and ceramic large format tiles are one of the most popular materials for these sizes. Considerably more affordable than other ranges, these materials also benefit from advancements in technology, such as new printing techniques. This allows effects such as concrete, wood and stone to be applied to tiles for a realistic finish with all but no maintenance requirements. Whilst genuine concrete looks great, it is susceptible to staining. In this instance, a large format concrete effect porcelain tile can be a great alternative.

Another benefit of using porcelain tiles is that decorative effects can be applied, such as aged metal in our Steel effect tiles. Available in 1200 x 600 x 12mm formats, as well as smaller dimensions, these large tiles can help to create an industrial look whilst maintaining a contemporary finish.

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