Artworks and Mosaics – A beautiful bathroom makeover

Artworks and Mosaics – A beautiful bathroom makeover

Sarah moved into this elegant Georgian four bed home in Rochester last year and straight away got to work on both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. It has lots of original features and after visiting her local Original Style independent retailer Decoramic, Sarah decided on classic Artworks white bevelled wall tiles with an Octagon Dot Mosaic floor tile for the upstairs bathroom and a white Winchester brick for the downstairs bathroom.

However, things weren’t quite as straightforward as they sound! Having only originally planned to do the upstairs bathroom, it turned out the plumbing for the downstairs bathroom needed fixing at the same time, as they were directly above each other, so Sarah’s decision to tackle both rooms at once was understandable.

As with these things one problem led to another from damp, to a rotten joist and five layers of ceiling plaster to remove, the whole process was a difficult yet worthwhile challenge!

Sarah’s brief consisted of four main points; create extra space, needs to be serviceable, has to be light and it needs to be a feature.

With this the work began on both bathrooms soon after Sarah had designed the rooms herself on graph paper, ‘I knew that I wanted to make the most out of this small area’. Simple white bevelled tiles are perfect for this, their glossy glaze helps add reflection and depth and the pattern repeat of the mosaic floor tiles helps create the illusion of a larger space.


The downstairs bathroom

‘I had to find something that blended with the existing painted white bricks which was hard, but the plain white brick tiles blend in perfectly’. Porcelain Winchester brick tiles are just right for this look as they help maintain a classic look.

'I wasn't sure which tiles to use for this room but everyone at Decoramic was so helpful!' Sarah said.

‘Bathrooms in these types of houses don’t have much space but with three teenagers I knew I needed two showers in the house!’

The downstairs bathroom was a challenge as it’s not a regular space but I am really proud of how it looks now.'


The upstairs bathroom 

‘As soon as I saw the bath I knew I wanted it, it makes a great focal point.' The classic white fittings teamed with crisp beveled Artworks tiles create a beautiful and timeless appeal, ‘when it comes to selling on, a family house for four needs a bath.’

Sarah’s project took three months but it has completely transformed the look of her home ‘I am really proud of how it looks now, it is lovely.’  she said finally.

Have you got any beautiful before and after images like Sarah? Email your installations to [email protected]

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