Alluring patterns and uplifting colourways – welcoming new designs to Odyssey Grande

Alluring patterns and uplifting colourways – welcoming new designs to Odyssey Grande

Our Odyssey Grande collection is home to a plethora of pattern designs on 30 x 30cm tiles, many of which are some of our most-loved tiles, and have been for some time. Inspired by our popular Knightshayes and Epoque Grande tiles, our wonderful team of designers and craftspeople have been working hard over the past few months looking at ways to enrich the Grande collection with some gorgeous new patterns and inspirational colourways to help you revitalize your interior and exterior spaces.



Produced in our factory in Exeter, Devon; five new printing colours have been developed especially for this collection. Yellow, Taupe, Green, Teal and Light Blue have been created using unique ink recipes by our teams of artisans and expert designers. Using the traditional screen printing technique, these colours have been applied onto a new, brighter base tile for a more contemporary feel.





In addition to the new colourways, we’re also bringing a number of new pattern designs to the collection including floral options, heritage styles and geometric prints. Perfect for contemporary and classic settings alike.





Pattern tiles have been a staple in interior design for decades and welcoming new, on-trend options is what we do best here at Original Style.

Our new Odyssey Grande tiles are available now through Original Style Tile Showrooms, Partners and Retailers. Contact your nearest specialist for quotes, samples and orders.

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