Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Victorian Floor Tiles for the last 30-years, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about traditional geometric tiling. Many British homes built from around 1860 may have had a Victorian tiled front path, porch, hallway or kitchen. With our iconic range, it’s easy to replicate or restore these areas to their original glory.

Over the years, our range has expanded and now includes exclusive colourways and a variety of shapes to create traditional and contemporary pattern and border designs. Wonderfully versatile, our vitrified ceramic Victorian Floor Tiles are hard wearing and beautiful. View our Victorian Floor Tile Brochure. 

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Victorian Floor Tile Conway Blue and Buff

Conway is a pleasingly symmetrical design that is perfect for creating a striking style statement.

Victorian Floor Tile Edinburgh Buff Red and Black

Edinburgh is a straightforward lattice design created from squares and rectangles.

Victorian Floor Tile Inverlochy Blue and Red

Inverlochy takes its name from the design on the original floor at Inverlochy Castle.

Victorian Floor Tile Pomeroy Black and Grey

Pomeroy dramatises a traditional octagon and dot design by introduction a second colour into the octagon tiles.

Victorian Floor Tile Harrogate Red Buff and Black

Harrogate is a perfectly scaled-down octagon and dot design. Shown in a classic colourway, it will always be in vogue.

Victorian Floor Tile Eltham Blue and Red

Eltham is a complex, opulent design. Used to best effect in larger spaces to get the full glorious impact. Retain the feeling of grandeur by framing with a deep border.

Victorian Floor Tile Dorchester Black Red and Old London

Dorchester is a classic 106x106mm/4" chequerboard design. This timeless style is an ideal choice for small and larger spaces alike.

Victorian Floor Tile Westminster Spring Green and Holkham Dune

Westminster is a complex design with an extensive repeating pattern.

Victorian Floor Tile Norwich White and Chester Mews

Norwich is a classic diagonal lattice design. The use of smaller pieces makes this the perfect way to incorporate our geometric floor tiles into tighter spaces.

Victorian Floor Tile Hexham

Hexham is a pretty star design with a contemporary feel.

Victorian Floor Tile Blenheim 5-Colour

Blenheim is an authentic and popular design that lends itself perfectly to classic and contemporary colourways alike. Shown here in Red, Buff, Green and White with hand-crafted Livingstone decorated tiles. This traditional colourway creates a timeless look.

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Showing 25-48 of 98

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